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Control by intimidation is ultimately responsible for most humans killing humans, often in the name God. I grew up under physical threats showing me how easily I can be killed if I did not do what I was told. This intimidation was effective enough on a 6 year old child that I am still chained to these threats of my being killed 44 years later, compounded by additional intimidation from "public servants" as the current unlawful warrant for my arrest in Wood County, Ohio, demonstrates.

Here is one example of environment I grew up in: pot-review-n-insert.pdf

Odd how public servants with a duty to protect all citizens are instead recorded protecting special interests like their peers, political associates, and others with "status", obstructing justice if possible. This all was my experience in Bowling Green, Ohio, and Wood County starting with Prosecutor Matt Reger who stold his services like a prostitute to local VIPs to get support, finally becoming Judge Reger of Wood County, Ohio. Intimidation is effective for the greedy.

Killing public servants like police, lawyers, and judges must be ok with the State of Ohio because it is their motto: "With God, all things are possible"

To keep me from reporting the truth I was drugged on the advice given by lying public servants of Wood County, Ohio in orders claimed from the sheriff himself.

Suicide seemed like an escape from the reckless intimidation from Bowling Green, Ohio, VIPs who spread gossip that I was a dangerous criminal out to kill which lawmen and prosecutors like recently elected Judge Reger intimidated me to not report and they obstructed investigation of possible crimes I may had been a victim of. The intimidation was like experienced by famous Internet Activist and computer programmer Aaron Swartz which caused him to kill himself while he was harassed in a reckless federal prosecution.

Why I did not commit suicide like Aaron Swartz under threat by a turd legal system is likely because my own father had done much worse most of my life telling me that he could kill me if I did not do what he wanted, that I was a turd, and other abuses which in combination with him giving me LSD in San Francisco when I was 5 or 6 made me believe all humans who recklessly use intimidation must be nuts controlled by the eggs of their one eyed monster or other animal passions. I never really grew up, Zap magazine and other sad "adult comics" making me afraid as a kid what adults might do to me. Forced to take my cloths off for nude swimming locations in California did not help.

Intimidation in the name of God, by agents for the state, a serious problem admitted by Wood County Judge Reger and Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn, has been used to knowingly cause me psychological harm since 1998. At that time an admitted "Cop for Christ" confronted me at Tosh Electronics to tell me that I am basically a worthless sick person who needs to get religion. Little did this turd throwing monkey know that he was a trigger for all my experiences surviving the monkeys who worship the intimidating poop that must had come from a huge ass in the heavens.

Perhaps the burning bush was really a burning bag of crap? Intimidation without mercy is not what I consider the will of a real God. Ohio acts to control and punish like the burning shit bag.

Intimidation by Judge Reger and by Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn is a felony when their goals are for personal profit or revenge, etc., like in State v Steele*. These men advised efforts to illegally intimidate me into not reporting possible crimes involving them and their peers as reported by witnesses and in evidence on this website, on YouTube, in official court & police records, and copies on other websites.

The methods used by Prosecutor Reger, the sheriff, and their peers is best called Destabilization as defined by Wikipedia. In fact the definition in Wikipedia references many of the elements in what some would also call getting a suspect to talk, gaslighting, dehumanization, and the famous Silent Treatment that Prosecutor Reger advised others to use in order to make their unclear demands a real method of psychological abuse.

After I was illegally harassed with lies that I was legally a felon by famous Ohio Republican Party lawyer Scott W. Spencer who used false evidence he created in the 2001 Marion, Ohio, civil court case by the National Jaycees claiming I was out to kill, etc., it is clear that I have a right to suggest crimes by his peers who let this happen and are recorded letting me suffer as a victim of clear and serious crimes against me.

When the legal system itself causes more harm than criminals or civil disputes then there is a threat to all of society. I believe competition between the three branches of government is why all three have attempted to escalate their power over regular citizens at your cost and risk of unwarranted suffering from their abuses of power.

I would not have lost years of my life living in fear if agents of the Bowling Green and Wood County, Ohio, legal systems had not acted to discredit me and prevent investigation of my complaints.

Their biggest mistake was I had already been a victim and had learned to resist so I could survive and kept the evidence to prove it. I would not know about corrupt conduct in their venue if they had not falsely assumed I would be easy prey like their other victims. My mistake was not understanding how past criminals had caused and controlled me using complex PTSD and giving me LSD when I was 5 or 6 as my dad finally admitted after I was 30, or that breaking PTSD requires real and not imagined threats because your brain knows real fear vs fake. Victims survive learning to sort out truth.

An example of growing up around drugs with my dad:  pot-review-n-insert.pdf

Doctors gave me drugs like Risperidone and Haldol which actually made me worse as other people living with LSD flashbacks had discovered. People who did well after LSD had learned not to focus on the symptoms which result in worry and make everything worse like the mental health system had done to me instead of actually helping me feel safe and to focus. Ohio by justifying reckless intimidation for its public servants to control people had pushed me to feeling my only escape from their hell of intimidation in the name of God was my death. But my real God does not seem to agree with intimidation or needless killing.

Killing me is the only way they can be sure to silence me. This explains why they needed to paint me as nuts and their criminal conspiracy in 2009 to falsely report that I had called up threatening to kill Judge Reddin caught in the YouTube video. At a minimum they could had prosecuted me with violating Ohio code, 2921.03 Intimidation or related crimes and get me put in jail 1 to 5 years for the felony using their fabricated evidence and lies. Or they can claim feeling physically threatened then murder me in cold blood like the recent famous Chicago case. More and more lawmen appear to be nuts when they can claim an excuse to injure or kill.

My life has always been intimidation and fear because my father Richard (Dick) Lake was a Marijuana activist known to many famous and powerful people. Since I was a young child and we lived in California my father Richard Lake was 1972 Solano coordinator for the Marijuana Initiative. Visiting supporters like Gilbert Shelton famous for Fat Freddy's Cat and other underground drug culture comics is how I first learned about the world and what to fear, perhaps giving me a distorted view of how to live.

Physical handicaps in my coordination between the sides of my body has made me easy prey to violently bully because I basically cannot fight and stress causing each side of my brain to balance for control, issues like Savant Kim Peek who inspired the Rain Man movie had to survive. Some people learned how to use my handicaps to upset me, illegally blackmail me, criminally intimidate me like famous convicted felon Ohio GOP attorney Scott W. Spencer had done to me lying to dozens in the National Jaycees and Republican Party that I was found guilty of threatening to kill Lori Terwilliger and Marie Thomas of Bowling Green, Ohio in separate felony cases based on evidence he fabricated for the Marion, Ohio, county court in 2001.

False records in the Ohio legal system starting at Bowling Green, Ohio, continue to subject me to illegal harassment and risk I could be injured or killed as federal agents are recorded suggesting to me and to witnesses like Michelle Wawryzinak. I have no choice but to push back against the criminals in the legal system who clearly remain willing to break the law like Prosecutor Matt Reger who is now running to be a judge in Wood County, Ohio. The evidence is that he wanted to be popular with local VIPs when he first appeared to commit crimes of criminal intimidation to drive me away from membership in the Bowling Green Jaycees and he clearly lied to investigators of the Ohio Supreme Court about his actions and my writing letters about my being harassed.

Some people claim I am looking for evil. But I grew up with evil finding me when all I wanted was good so if it appears I am obsessed now it is because I am almost 50 and never found significant help to overcome my handicaps so I could be safely productive in society and perhaps start a family if I was ready. Likely I lack social skills most learn as teenagers and am like Nikola Tesla with same interests in science and lack of interest in dating or needing female companionship, likely upsetting Lori Terwilliger of Bowling Green, Ohio, when I was pressured to date her. She has coordination handicaps like myself so living together would had been dangerous chaos.

Bowling Green Prosecutor Reger and peers make me afraid they will hurt anyone close to me in an effort to intimidate me more, physically threaten, etc. So despite my needing health aids because I am paralyzed and need help to safely take a shower, etc., I have canceled anyone helping me at home until agents of the legal system are ordered and/or prosecuted to stop attacking people who I needed for support like lawmen are recorded doing in 2009 in the YouTube video below. I also have MRSA and none of the lawmen appear to be trained or ready to safely confront, transport, or jail me. Perhaps they can sue if they get MRSA from me but it is their masters they must sue for bad leadership and poor training. You can hear the one lawman in second video below saying I am being accommodated fine near video end at 11:34:44 am, so is it true if he got MRSA failing to follow federal law?

.. Here is the pain and danger they put me in, forced to use a bed too low for my wheelchair, no hand rails to transfer safely, and other issues which made it unreasonably difficult to take care of myself versus a non-paralyzed person. Nurse said I was in jail to be punished even though I was a suspect awaiting trial. The sheriff and his agents either are poorly trained or knowingly were violating federal and Ohio laws.

*(Steele, 138 Ohio St.3d 1, 2013-Ohio-2470)

In 2008 agents of Bowling Green, Ohio acted to obstruct justice for Prosecutor Matt Reger. They won at that time by threatening people close to me like Michelle Wawrzyniak as shown in the evidence now placed on this this website and elsewhere on the internet:

Summery of evidence against Bowling Green, Ohio, prosecutor Reger and his corrupt peers who obstructed justice for him.


Lawmen obstructing justice for local VIPs as demonstrated by police records. You can hear the one lawman in the video below saying I am being accommodated fine near video end at 11:34:44 am, so is it true if he got MRSA failing to follow federal law?


My companion believed lies about calling threatening to kill could be true.


Attempting bail but getting run around, my companion confronted with idea not safe staying with me. She soon ended up in hospital due for mental health issues due to this stress and worry I may be dangerous, then in a nursing home, but after a few months came back realizing she was getting as much support staying with me plus could go places easier.


Bowling Green records show orders to harass me.


Bowling Green agents illegally sent threats using my medical providers.


Counselor calls me marked man, etc.

Michael John Lake - inventor of the parabolic discone antenna and more to come

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I am a victim of criminals in Ohio, disbared attorney Scott W. Spencer and his Ohio peers.

I believe with a real God, or attempt at good, all things are not possible because it requires constant mercy to avoid becoming a pawn of evil.

- Michael Lake
Donald Trump indictment by Wood County, Ohio, who believe his views and methods are a crime, at least when I copy Trump. So now there is a warrant for my arrest because I am claimed to upset people like future US President Trump?

I do not believe a crime had been committed by me or Trump, but newly elected Judge Reger of Wood County, Ohio, and his supporters clearly think Donald Trump and myself are criminals!

"Life is not a book where we can look back and read where we went wrong. Our minds hide fear and pain which would consume us in the here and now. But that fact can make us pawns to criminals and unable to explain how and why we act out on fear we cannot seem to explain.

No man, group, system, or government should have the right to abuse or ignore a person like myself who had more fear and pain to hide than any person should be expected to survive. The stories in the Bible seem like a walk in the park to me, other than stories of being killed.

What I never expected was by trying to admit I wanted help to break the past fear an pain, this pattern of fear was used to make me more of a slave to anyone with the power to influence others on attacking a heart broken from when I was a child, around nudists calling themselves Children of God, using LSD, and things which terrified a 6 year old brain.

But I had no ordinary brain for a 6 year old. Teachers thought I may be a genius. And perhaps I was but when surviving abuse and pain is your life, your genius must focus on reducing abuse and not getting killed. Fear was what genius could not see because fear is blinding.

However no one should underestimate my will to understand what perhaps few in the world know about the traps of fear, anger, hate, and mercy shaping all of society."

- savant Michael John Lake
And yes, when fear became so bad I thought I would be killed, I grasped for strength in myself, and from the Bible came the idea that I was the Arch Angel Michael, the only thing which could survive this fire in my mind, and I did survive. So was it a delusion or did faith actually work against intimidation I did not know how to survive as an adult with a broken 6 year old heart?

- Odd how my resolving cPTSD is like sci-fi hero in Dark City movie and unpreventable confrontations like Ender's Game, I believe mercy is the most powerful name of God, resisting all who worship death because mercy is about life, all life. +

? Why does space/time curve and spin more in some directions and not others? When the energy of mass approaches an entire universe, Einstein is both correct and wrong. I wonder if he found the truth but the shock was too much when it all adds up and explodes with what should had been obvious patterns. Truth is dangerous to the foolish who are not ready.

Intimidated by $4 Billion Guardian Industries to be silent about my being a victim of crimes by Scott W. Spencer and fired for it:

These two documents are part of a pattern of blackmail, harassment, and intimidation to keep me silent about being a witness and victim of crime-

1. silence-mike-lake.pdf
2. threat-letter.pdf

About me versus Bowling Green, Ohio:

I was not told the truth about my legal status by agents of the Bowling Green, Ohio, city court until after they arrested me and prosecuted me for picketing my being a victim of crime because local police refused to take my complaints and investigate honestly as official records show.

Look up Michael Lake in the records of Bowling Green, Ohio police or the court and see obvious official misconduct for yourself if you know what you are looking for.  (I admit you need to know the laws and rules for members of the legal system to recognize official misconduct so I will be providing more details on this website.  Some details are in the videos.)

Activist for individuals attacked for Autism spectrum disorders and mental health issues.
Mike Lake, activist

Toledo, Ohio


Civil Rights
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Mental illness seems to be a bigger money maker for news and movies than it is a social issue! This cartoon also shows why it is easier to write about these issues than to talk about them.  Bowling Green, Ohio, and the army are my strongest experiences with this social evil and failures to properly diagnose what is physical handicap or due to poor diet and health or result of environment like abuse & crime or actual mental health issue needing drugs, etc.

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Instead of protesting, I would sooner invent like on my HamDomain.com. If I do not protest then nothing will change.

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