Bowling Green, Ohio, police recorded abuse of power helping Jaycees.
- by Michael Lake

1. Police abuse - 2. Dishonest citizens - 3. Make believe world of Judge Reddin

In addition to the evidence being put on this page see the audio recordings of police, etc, put onto YouTube.

1. Police abuse:

The police were helping Marie Thomas of the Sentinel-Tribune newspaper and the Jaycees with ideas to deal with me, while those same police did nothing to prevent the bullying, slander, and harassment of Marie Thomas and the Jaycees who were attacking me with claims that I would kill, etc.

The following police report refers to the falsified claims of the Jaycees members like false statements of Deborah Knuth (Debbie Knuth) which are shown further down this webpage.  In addition it should be obvious that the police risked federal prosecution for interfering with civil rights based on the observation that I was picketing the illegal handicap discrimination of the Bowling Green police and legal system.

Also note that the policeman making this report is that same one who bullied me in front of coworkers at Tosh Electronics in 1998, which was one of the excuses the Jaycees used to slander my name and bully me about being dangerous, etc.  To protect the guilty the police did what they could to prevent records of what was done to me by their citizens, but they failed to see how much evidence existed regardless of their trying to cover up the truth.  The latest politically motivated arrest and prosecution in Bowling Green is the fruit of the past misconduct by the police, Jaycees, and connected authorities.

Bowling Green PD - Ptl. Mark Hanson - I took a complaint on station from MARIE THOMAS who is a member of the Jaycees...

Note: this appears realted to the sheriff department YouTube video of the misconduct and arrest.

2. Dishonest citizens:

Falsified statement by Deborah Knuth (Debbie Knuth) used by the Jaycees

In the following affidavit false information that I had accepted a plea bargain and other lies by  Deborah Knuth (Debbie Knuth) of Bowling Green, Ohio, were used by the Jaycees to bully and harass me.  Their court case is invalid due to having been tried in the wrong venue, in addition to the fact that documented falsified information was used to convince the court of that I admitted to being a criminal in a plea bargain which never took place.

Also note that the lawyer for the Jaycees, Ohio Attorney Scott Spencer, was disbarred for unethical conduct by the Ohio Supreme Court.  I had complained about the phone calls and other illegal conduct of the Jaycees attorney but because I was representing myself and was not a lawyer the judge refused to believe me.  Corrupt attitudes seem to be normal for lawyers and judges in Ohio as I have discovered other people complain about on the internet.  You might as well say the Ohio legal system is borderline of being a sham legal process.

page 1:

Affidavit of Deborah Knuth in support of motion for temporary restraining order.

Page 2:

Number 19 below is one of the key lies used to corrupt the possibility of a fair trial.

Page 3:

Page 4:

3. Make believe world of Judge Reddin:

Federal law requires courts to respect the abilities of handicapped people and ensure proper communication.  The court never appointed someone to ensure accessibility or as a contact person for the court.  Apparently Judge Mark B. Reddin believes he can make his own conflicting rules and then some.  I honestly think that Judge Reddin is unfit to be a judge based on his refusal to accept that I have handicaps and that I could possibly be a victim being railroaded through his court.

The following document makes clear that Judge Reddin lives in a make believe world which is isolated from evidence of actual facts, like all the secret recordings that I made to show how local lawyers were being dishonest with their claims, motives, actions and suggestions to me.  Perhaps Judge Reddin runs the show as suggested in one of the comments made in the public area of court which I could hear and recorded.  Verify the truth of the document below from of Judge Reddin for yourself from other court records and evidence which exists.

Also note that Special Prosecutor Purpura was apparently aware that possible corrupt acts against me surrounded the case but she played the part given to her anyway.  I think she needs special consideration from the Disciplinary Counsel for the Ohio Supreme Court for how she chose to ignore certain evidence in order to ensure a successful politically motivated prosecution and trail against me.  What she did not know is to what extent I had recorded misconduct against me.  I am tough enough to ensure some facts are held back long enough for the liars to incriminate themselves even more.

Yes, I may be dangerous as hearsay claims Special Prosecutor Purpura said about me.  I am dangerous only because I have no respect for the good old boys who conspire to break rules at the cost of normally shy individuals like myself.  All I have done is complain about what has been done to me to the best of my autistic abilities.  I did not put myself into jail or drive myself out of being part of Bowling Green with harassment and slander.  It took the actions of people with power to make things happen, like Judge Reddin.

So why does a dishonest person like Judge Reddin remain a judge while I fall victim to lies like in the following document authored by Judge Reddin?  The only truth in the following document is that I did not show up because I had a hard to get VA medical appointment on that day and I had also previously audio recorded firing the public defender who obviously lied to the court about me not being in contact with her.  As my VA counselor is recorded suggesting, I chose to avoid Bowling Green.

Due to a clear and serious violation of the code of ethics for lawyers recorded in my case, I am keeping the recording of firing my public defender private while the ethics violation remains unresolved.  These people have everything so twisted that they refuse to see what they are doing to both themselves and me.

Here is the document exposing the failures of the court and the lawyers involved:

Mark B. Reddin, Judge, court record.

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