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Asperger Disorder with the hidden symptoms of autism is a better diagnosis than the army's diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  For more also see : See my Asperger's Syndrome webpage.

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See my radio antenna inventions.

The Three Faces of Life:

There is what people expect you to be,
there is what you want to be,
and what you must be to survive.

(Mental health support tends to fail because it ignores these three faces of life.)

Vote on the best protest signs:
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Stop Fear
and Hate of
Mental Illness

a., 12 votes
Mental Illness
by gov., VA,
police & law

b., 4 votes
We are 

c., 22 votes

Justice for
all, except
mentally ill?

d., 2 votes

Mental illness
is isolation
& despair

e., 8 votes
News bias is
mental illness

f., 1 votes
makes me

g., 7 votes
Fix VA

h., 3 votes

Who protects
Mentally ill?

i., 18 votes
Ready for
mental illness

j., 1 votes

Does anyone
care about the
"Mentally ill"?

k., 8 votes

Tell government
Veterans need

l., 5 votes

Stop stigma
and hate of
mental illness

m., 10 votes
weak nation,
no compassion.

n., 5 votes

End attacks
on the
mentally ill.

o., 13 votes

Served nation,
now forgotten

p., 7 votes

mentally ill
need help

q., 8 votes

needed for
mentally ill

r., 10 votes

Mentally ill
+ Support =

s., 2 votes

Pick a
mental illness
protest sign

t., 1 votes
Mentally ill

x., 4 votes
Mentally ill
deserve jail,
not help?


y., 1 votes
Give up,
you have
no rights!


z., 1 votes

WhyHope.com should be on top:
u., 5 votes

WhyHope.com should be at bottom:
v., 16 votes

w. Suggestions:
(so far: 1. We are human not Contagious, 2. Mentally ill + Support = Harmony)

When you are finished:

Instead of protesting, I would sooner invent like on my HamDomain.com. If I do not protest then nothing will change.


Who I am:
Contrast between my abilities and influence of problems started in the army is "tearing my mind apart". Practical issues matter!
I recently invented the "Parabolic Discone", "liquid metal elastic stretchable wire", and other ideas. I have the genius to contribute to society in major ways despite mental illness (like the movie "A Beautiful Mind"). 1 In the army a diagnosis of mental illness subjected me to fear, bigotry and hate. As a result the army and civic group claim I am a Dangerous Person. These claims destroyed my social life and hope for a family. My regular Veterans Affairs mental health doctors have ignored these issues. (See va-award, page 3, "Ann Arbor" and compare with real evidence on this website.)
1988: When entering the army I proved my abilities and graduated the top of my class in electronics warfare school. 2 1989: After army school I was diagnosed with a mental illness, "bipolar disorder". The army punished me for this medical problem. I believe the memories haunt me today as PTSD.
2003: I overcame the most terrifying of my problems. I had seemed to be in a trance or "dream" for most of the time since the army, as if I had no control over my fate. It appeared to be like a continuous type of PTSD and related to stress and stigma. 3 2003:  Despite breaking my past trance, I developed a "replacement problem". I had not tried very hard to find out why I was limping until my foot went numb. A spinal cord tumor ultimately caused me to be paralyzed. Depression and anger started to be more of an issue.


I have Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, c-PTSD

I developed Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" (c-PTSD) in growing up with abuse from my father, which was made worse due to misdiagnosis while I was a soldier in the US Army . The truth started to come out in 1989 after I was falsely diagnosed with BiPolar Disorder.
See evidence to support having Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Hardball about Mental illness, Stigma and Society

This is how I am dealing with stigma of "my" mental illness, bipolar disorder. As a disabled veteran, I should feel proud that I protected and served my country. Instead many people think I am dangerous like Rambo in the movie "First Blood". This is what law enforcement and "experts" claimed.

The best way for the mentally ill to fight back is to play "hardball". Who cares if the mentally ill are victims? Authorities will use hardball to claim that someone is sick, dangerous, or a killer - even if it is a lie! When the mentally ill complain of a crime, who is willing to investigate?

Harassment was the army's response after I was diagnosed with mental illness in 1989. Medical people said I could be a productive soldier. My chain of command convinced me that I am worthless. 

Instead of giving up I contacted thousands Jaycees members looking for one person to help. My pay back was more harassment, threats, and finally being brought to court by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce and Ohio Jaycees.

Why Hope to survive with stigma or mental illness? This website has (had, updating Dec. 2011) over 200 pages of evidence about my experience: Attacks, punishment, fear and stigma for having a mental illness, BiPolar Disorder. A lack of finding support and having to act as my own advocate in the worst of situations.


My favorite links related to mental illness:

Webrings that I belong to.

My other websites:

DemandJustice.com - websites relating to justice.

 On this website (being edited Dec. 2011):

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Does the VA care about harm caused by the army? - My "service connected" mental illness results in poor health and social problems. For trying to serve and protect our nation, do I deserve to be forgotten? The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has failed to provide the support that I request.

My Photos - Look at photos from the life of someone with mental illness. These pictures may surprise some people. It was too easy to forget the good in my life after I had been confronted for being mentally ill.

My life - mental illness is creativity or danger? - Doctors did not warn me about the social dangers of living with a mental illness, Bipolar Disorder.  Mental Health workers and psychiatrists did not tell me about discrimination or the ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act. All the important things I had to learn after I was attacked for being mentally ill. I also discuss Schizoaffective Disorder, which is like mild schizophrenia.

In court, they say that I will kill them - they claim "... It is well-recognized that persons suffering from manic depression often contemplate and even act upon their suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, all too often persons having such low self-esteem and death wishes chose to kill others in conjunction with destroying themselves."

Credit Cards bad for mentally ill? - The confusion and impulses with mental illnesses make credit cards risky: 1. Do you understand the real risks when you sign for one? 2. Would you remember not to go over your limit and send payments in time? 3. What if you ended up in the hospital?

What I have learned by running this website - Why hope to change anything if the people who need to listen will not? Hate Crimes are acceptable against the Mentally ill? - Saint Joan of Arc experienced "voices and visions" and was murdered for it. NAMI* and other advocates cause harm?

History - Old copies of this website.

My crazy beliefs:  God, Life, Universe, Everything(infinite existence) times (infinitely small chance) equals one

Find out about the Autistic Civil Rights Movement.

* This website is not associated with any  links or organizations, unless shown otherwise.

* 4 - BiPolar Disorder has been called: BiPolar illness, Manic Depressive illness, Bi-Polar Disorder, Bi-Polar Mood Disorder and variations.

Name change:  the title "WhyHope.com - Hardball about Mental illness, Stigma and Society - USA" is being changed to "WhyHope.com - Hardball about Mental health, Stigma and Society - Autistic Rights!" in order to better reflect where I am at.  Technically because they say I have bipolar disorder in addition to symptoms of autism they classify the bipolar as a claimed mental illness.

Plus the national Jaycees civic group claims that people with bipolar disorder are known to kill and can not be members of their group, which expresses the public discrimination against people who get the label of a mental illness.  To this date the Jaycees organization refuses to disclaim the past views it has put into the legal record, so the Jaycees apparently do not mind being labeled themselves as a possible hate group.

Bowling Green, Ohio, police recorded abuse of power helping Jaycees.

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