Our Self-Destructive Society - by Michael Lake
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Mankind is self destructive because each lives in the fantasy of isolation or control.  The universe does not care about status or belief, life is a test for life.  Wisdom shows how everything is connected.  The biggest fools are those who ignore the value of any life.

You make it easy to kill by looking the other way.  Compassion is a more difficult path but blessed with reward.  This is nature.  It is time for mankind to grow up.

Most Americans rich and poor seem foolish about their future.  Our society is not a stable system.  Money, power, beliefs, and location can fail to protect you from failures in society.  History teaches these truths that are so easy to ignore.

What people do not experience they tend not to believe.  Lack of knowledge and organization is self destructive.  I believe that this society is doomed unless the following self-destructive issues are solved.

Self-Destructive Issues in Society:

  1. False information claimed as true:  How much of what you know is a lie?
  2. People who do not see, or care, about the results of their actions:  They are a risk.
  3. Newspapers and TV which ignore serious social issues:  The issues remain.
  4. Politics which ignore cause and effect:  Sooner or later there is a cost.
  5. People who give up taking action:  You are part of society!

I am concerned about society because it influences me.  Many of the foolish and stupid things that I have done in life were learned from other people.  Like credit-card offers, there seems to be many people who live by taking advantage of other people.

If terrorists were smart, they would let our society destroy it's self.  The smart terrorist would instead protect themselves while society goes through it's self destructive phase.  (I use this as an argument for compassion, but it also works as a selfish argument.)

Look at history to see why society has failed.  We have fools today doing what fools in the past have done.  All you need to do is wait and see, hopefully you can survive.  I get angry at fools.  Perhaps it is a curse of gaining wisdom.

- Michael Lake

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