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We moved to West Germany when the army sent my father there from Fort Knox, Kentucky.  The U.S. Army did not have any close american high schools, so I went to a high school for children of the British Armed Forces.  Being exposed to a different culture helped me to better see how the world views us americans.

1. Büren, Germany - Where my family lived.
2. King's School - The British Forces high school that I attended in Germany.
3. Interactive Map of Germany, showing Büren.

Büren, Germany (also written Bueren, Germany)

This is the south side of Büren Germany, where my family lived.
North is to the left of the picture and East is to the right. (The sun is setting.)

Here are the apartments we lived at in Büren.
I took the previous picture from in front of the center building.

Pictures of one of Büren's events.

Here was one of my favorite places for food in Büren.
(I have had dreams of going back to Germany just for something good to eat.)
Their Gyros tasted better than any I have eaten around Toledo, Ohio.

Here is another of my favorite places to eat, the "Burg Grill" in Büren.
Jägerschnitzel and other types of Schnitzel were my favorite.

Here is the U.S. Army base that my father worked at.
The top right is north-west, the direction of Bueren Germany.
In the middle left is the edge of a road going by the base.

Here are some "time lapse" photographs that I made during the night in Büren.
The left photograph show a few "star trails" and is well lit by city lights.
The right photograph is pointed towards the town which is well lit.

While making the previous time lapse photographs, I saw this hedgehog.

Büren, Germany (also written Bueren Germany)
Here is the Büren town website:

King's School
Gütersloh, Germany

Here I am at the British High School, Kings School, Gütersloh, Germany.
In the photo on the right are some of my friends.

It took a little over an hour to reach the school from where I lived in Büren Germany.  We would change buses half way in Paderborn Germany.
See more of the school at their website:

Interactive Map of Germany, showing Büren

Here is a link to an interactive map of Germany, centered on Büren.  It shows Paderborn to the north, which is the direction of King's School in Gutersloh: - BÜREN
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